As Agile 2006 draws to a close …

With my brain creaking from information overload, I made my way to my final session of Agile 2006 this afternoon to see Peter Provost and Brad Wilson with Mitch Lacey in an energetic demo of their pairing game, known as the Test Driven Development Pairing Game – at least it is until they can stop their keyboard wars for long enough to get creative with names.

What a way to end a great week – and restore my energy ready for the party tonight :) I knew by lunch on Wednesday that what I’d take away from the conference already surpassed what I’d hoped. It’s been so much fun to be a geek for a week in the middle of hundreds of others who really care about agile, who don’t look at me like I’m crazy, and have an instant response to all of my unanswerable questions.

I came here armed with a big range of questions and I’ve been persistant and often downright annoying in my quest to find answers. Luckily and thanks not only to the presenters but also my new found friends who were willing to talk about agile over a breakfast, burritos, or beer, I feel like I’m going back armed with not just answers, but a lot of new tools to make an overall plan to guide our team’s future with agile.

My plan is to write up as much as I can from the conference and post it here, starting with a summary of my highlights early next week … but in between the massive amount of reading I also plan to try and do, it may not happen as soon as I’d like! Watch this space :)

Now it’s about time to get ready for the banquet …

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