Minneapolis, here I come …

It’s taken me a while to organise, but I’m finally on my way to Agile 2006

I’ve heard mixed opinions on the conference – from the complete evangelist to “too much powerpoint but great networking”. Well, I’m not that averse to powerpoint, I’m definitely not averse to social events, and while I’m still pretty much an agile novice, I already know some of the main areas of difficulty in our organization so it seems like a perfect time to go and network with the experts. I’m also excited that Minneapolis hosts America’s largest indoor water park.

Having left it a bit late to book, I managed to get the last seat on my flight out. Since I’m combining this with a trip to our offices in Seattle, it took me a good hour or so yesterday morning to activate my new credit card and use it to arrange two round trip flights, one conference ticket, accommodation in Minneapolis and Seattle, and car rental for a week in Seattle (I’m hoping the conference hotel really is only four blocks from mine …) Thank God for the Internet, or it might have taken a lot longer … and more importantly, I couldn’t have done it in my pyjamas!

I then wandered over to Oxford Street and spent the afternoon clothes shopping in the sales (I did change out of pyjamas for that). I need new clothes for the conference, right?

See ya there!

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