Waterbaby …

Yesterday I went waterskiing! Despite the very early Saturday start, it was worth it – the weather was windy, but really warm and sunny.

This is my third time on water skis. Last year was the second time I’d ever been, and having done it once before (and not been tooooo bad for a first timer) I thought I’d go straight on to the rope. Newbie waterskiers can start off holding a bar at the side of the boat, but I’d been there, done that … anyway, long story short, last year I could barely stand up. I had very unstable waterskis, apparently, not ideal for beginners. Honest.

So, this time I was back on the bar to start with, with more stable skis, and wow, it was so much easier! This time I managed to actually ski on the rope, standing up properly (knees still knocking, but hey ho). I still have a way to go before I (deliberately) move on to just one ski :)

Today my arms ache, but I’m definitely going back next year!

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