All I want is 30″ and a remote control …

This was originally posted on my previous blog: Spike the Poodle.

We have a pretty nice television in our flat – it’s pretty big, not widescreen but that’s OK. It’s got just one huge problem: no remote control (it did have, once, but it was lost before it was donated it to me). I’m not lazy (well OK I am) but even so it sucks getting up to change between DVD and TV.

So I was excited when my flatmate announced that she was going to buy a new television for our living room. Scarily, she’s even less technical than I am when it comes to household appliances, so I was roped in as a (willing) shopping partner and we decided Today was TV Day.

We finally arrived at Currys Digital – via Boots, Debenhams, HMV (gotta have a new DVD to go with the new TV), one Currys that was already closing, Selfridges, John Lewis, and Starbucks – only to find that TV prices seem to start at around £500 everywhere. Unless you want to watch television on a postage stamp, that is.

When did televisions get so complicated and expensive? Everything is LCD and HD ready

LCD TVs are great, only a few inches thick, and if like my Dutch flatmate you’re planning to ship them abroad at some point it’s very handy. But they’re EXPENSIVE – we’ve got the space for a big TV, and I’d like to spend my money on something big rather than something thin.

I’m still figuring out what the impact of HD ready or not is. What I really want to know is: can I still use my TV in three or five years?

So we’ve resorted to shopping by remote control (more commonly known as the Internet). It wasn’t an entirely unsuccessful shopping trip – we did come home with 24 hours of Jack Bauer to waste the evening with.

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