Evildoers and guitars

I found Eric Sink’s blog recently through an intriguing link on Kevin Rutherford’s blog.

His post Thirteen Guitars about internet vandalism dates back to June, but it strikes a chord with me.

I was searching on Google last night for a place to buy a television. Amazingly, almost all of the sponsored advertisements are for price comparison sites that don’t actually sell anything (in this case, PriceRunner and Kelkoo). Although most spam is filtered out of my email, I don’t have automatic spam filtering on this blog and I’ve lost count of the number of spam comments that have been posted linking to mortgage sites.

As the internet continues to grow, I spend more and more time sorting through the clutter caused by people trying to make money by doing, well, as little as possible.

Judging by the quality of said spam, I’m inclined to agree with Eric that for many Internet Evildoers now, it’s not about the money but simply the annoyance and chaos that they cause. And unfortunately, like him, I don’t have any clue about solutions :(

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