Incorporating Usability

In my quest to incorporate usability into our Scrum model in an agile way, I came across this article on Agile Usability.

It advocates drawing the design on paper to hammer out the big concepts, and running a heuristic analysis with several usability experts to uncover any major design flaws. The designer and developer then pair program to create the interface. Once a prototype is created, perform small scale usability testing. The requirements can then be adjusted. It also points out that Usability experts can help break down the items on the product backlog.

For us, the concept of having usability break down the product backlog is something we are already starting to do, and definitely something I want to continue. The idea of having our designer pair program with a developer to create a design is interesting. I wonder how he’d feel without Photoshop?? The rest of the cycle makes pretty good sense, isn’t that far from what we did this Sprint and seems like a good way to play once the team is all in London (until then, if we can’t be perfectly agile, I’m happy to live with it!)

I’m still researching, but this one was worth highlighting.

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