7 Languages in 7 Weeks – The Next Study Group …

I was inspired a while ago by Daniel Temme’s experience working through the book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks as part of a study group organised by Aimee Daniels, and together with James Doig (a colleague and regular pair on my current project!) we decided to start a new one. We’ve got a Google group and planning to use Google+ hangouts, blogs and twitter (with the tag 7languages7weeks or through this account).

We’ve agreed to kick off on October 24th with Chapter 1, which covers Ruby. I’ve had a sneak peek at the book, a bit of a giggle at the comparison of Ruby the programming language to Mary Poppins, the magic British nanny, and I’m excited now to get started. I haven’t done very much functional programming, and the book promises to challenge me, and to teach interesting aspects of each language. We’ve agreed to take it a little slower for the first couple of chapters and see how things go.

Our group has grown to around fifteen people, divided about half and half between ThoughtWorkers and Skyscanners, and also includes one post-technical project manager – very impressive! There’s still time to join, so please leave a comment or contact me via twitter if you’re interested.

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