About Me

I’m Jo Cranford, I’m a developer and an agile junkie. I work with Ruby on Rails at Lonely Planet in Melbourne.

I’ve had an interesting and slightly unusual career in that I started out technical, moved into business analysis for a few years, then decided I missed coding and ventured back into it. I haven’t looked back since then … although in a new twist, I’m surprising myself now by moving into management.

You can find me on twitter, Linked In, and Github (or Gist).

I’m presenting!

I made my first conference presentation at ALE 2011 in Berlin, and I’m planning a few more appearances here in Oz! For more details, please check out my presentations here.

Outside of work …

When I’m not working, socialising or shopping, I’m often found out on the beach or in the ocean. I failed miserably at learning to surf, but I’m a keen scuba diver.

I’m blogging my adventures in Australia on my personal blog, Beaches, Barbies and Bogans.

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